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McCulloch + Partners wide range of experience and expertise is used to advise and assist some of Southland and Otago's largest companies.

Services offered are:

  • Corporate investigations, including prospective purchase due diligence
  • Advice on raising equity capital and loan finance for both public and private companies
  • Valuation of listed and unlisted companies, including independent reporting
  • Advice on mergers, acquisitions and reconstructions of public and private companies

Succession Planning
This is a process that is critical for all organisations with long-term goals and objectives – things you need to take into consideration:

  • Do you have a strategy or plan in place for your retirement?
  • Have you thought about who will buy your business?
  • Will it remain within the family and what are the implications of this?
  • How will you maximise value?
  • Can you afford to retire?
  • Have you left it too late?

Specialist Governance Services and Advice
Covers the processes and policies that impact on how your company is managed and controlled – have you considered the following:

  • Do you want a totally independent point of view and perspective on your business?
  • Someone that will challenge you and your fellow Directors?
  • Who can ask the hard questions?
  • Who will hold your Board of Directors accountable?
  • That can provide the skills and expertise in understanding and managing business risk / growth?
  • Can conduct and facilitate a specialist Strategic and Business Planning Workshop tailored for your business / industry?

New Business and Start-up Venture Advice
You have a great idea for a new business but need assistance and some sound financial advice – deliberate on the following:

  • Are you aware of your legal requirements?
  • Have you prepared a budget / cost analysis?
  • Do you have a business / future forecasting plan in place?
  • Do you have the right people for the job?
  • Would you benefit from using a McCulloch + Partners business mentor?
  • Are your goals achievable?

Tourism and Hospitality
The tourism and hospitality industry is the lifeblood of Central Otago and is of increasing importance to the New Zealand economy. We work with a wide range of clients in tourism and hospitality from owner operators to some of New Zealand's largest tourism businesses.

We can assist with:

  • Negotiating specific industry pitfalls in start-up tourism businesses
  • Introducing you and your business to our contacts and networks within the Central Otago tourism industry
  • Providing industry specific software programmes
  • Advice on providing security and systems around cash handling and stock
  • Payroll administration associated with seasonal and casual staff