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Our team of payroll specialists have the tools and expertise to assist your business to negotiate its way through the complications of paying staff.

We can either do it all for you or, provide the back-up and support to assist you with:

  • Independent payroll health checks and audits
  • Payroll software and support
  • Wage reconciliations
  • PAYE returns
  • Holiday pay for casual or salaried staff
  • KiwiSaver and ECST deductions
  • Student loan deductions
  • Employee deductions


At McCulloch + Partners we match our key specialists with client needs to ensure we are your 'partners for growth'! 

Payroll is a high stress, high risk area for many of our clients. Both employees and employers expect 100% accuracy on every pay run. Filing of information and payments to the Inland Revenue Department must be accurate and on time. Payroll is often the largest expense item in a clients' business. It is therefore important that this area is managed closely. 

At McCulloch + Partners we understand the risk and the stress. That's why we provide experienced personnel to oversee every payroll and also why we process payrolls online through one of our robust standardised software packages.