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December 2018 Newsletter
Congratulations to Blue River Dairy LP and FI Innovations on their recent awards, Are You Ready to Shift to Mandatory Payday Filing from the 1st April 2019, Congratulations Mark Bain & Donald Jackson on being awarded Fellowships of the Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand (CAANZ).  Download

July 2018 Newsletter
Megan & Tarryn rejoin the team, Complying with the AML/CFT legislation, Southland CEO Forum, Southland Water & Land Plan.  Download 

March 2018 Newsletter
Rotary Dream House, New Provisional Tax Calculation, Southern Field Days.  Download

December 2017 Newsletter

McCulloch + Partners is strengthening its client offerings with the announcement that James Harvey (Invercargill) and Matt Harris (Queenstown) will become firm partners in the new year. 

Special Newsletter
McCulloch + Partners Invercargill Office is on the move.  Download

July 2017 Newsletter
Congratulations to our newest Chartered Accountants, Budget 2017, Southland CEO Forum, new rules on farmhouse expenses and tax deductibility.  Download

March 2017 Newsletter
Southland CEO Forum, guide to year-end tax planning, miles to go – changes proposed for motor vehicles, are you compliant with employment law changes in 2016?  Download   









Business Development
Business Development is not simply just increasing sales. It involves all aspects of how the business operates, the market it operates in, having the skills needed to either introduce new products or even maintain the quality of existing products. It is about planning, but also about implementation. It needs a thorough understanding of how your business operates. - Download

Business Management Systems
Sound management systems can only be made using information produced by sound information systems. Many businesses suffer from a lack of systemisation. At McCulloch + Partners we can work with you to establish the systems your business needs to operate efficiently and effectively. - Download

Business Valuation Services
For buyers investing a great deal of money to acquire a business, no one wants any surprises. As a buyer you will need to carry out a thorough due diligence of all aspects of the business. For sellers, there are risks in providing potential buyers all your business information. What if the potential buyer is a competitor? Whether you need a valuation of a business carried out as a buyer or a seller, it is important to get good advice. –Download

Buying a Business
In our experience there are a number of reasons why people operate small businesses, and these reasons change with the changing environment. The pressure being exerted by the more market orientated theories currently in vogue are changing them again, but generally the New Zealand characteristic of INDEPENDENCE rates highly. Many New Zealanders prefer to be their own boss, to choose their own hours of work, or perhaps provide an outlet for their individual flair or skill, or simply they don't like being told by anyone else what to do or when. - Download

Family Trusts
The use of Family Trusts has become more prevalent recently and many clients have asked for further information. This fact sheet is designed to give general information only. It is not designed as a detailed document and each situation is different. Accordingly, the intent is to give you a general background on Trusts, but before making your final decision on whether or not to utilise a Trust, full consultation with your legal adviser and with a partner in our firm is essential. - Download
Payroll Services
Payroll is a high stress, high risk area for many of our clients. Both employees and employers expect 100% accuracy on every pay run. Filing of information and payments to the Inland Revenue Department must be accurate and on time. Payroll is often the largest expense item in a client's business. It is therefore important that this area is managed closely and that the employer is not calculating leave rates incorrectly. - Download

Periodic Reporting
Up-to-date information on your business is essential. To assist in better managing your business and in response to changing business conditions, we encourage our clients to consider the following. Your accounting information can be processed on a regular basis during the year, coinciding with GST return periods. By utilising such facilities as "BankLink" we can improve turnaround time dramatically and provide you with timely information. - Download

Strategic Planning
It is a common feature for owners of a business to feel their personal battery beginning to run flat. The initial goals have been achieved and the question "where to from here?" arises. Strategic Planning is a formalised process that helps business owners and managers assess and understand the big picture. - Download

Paying tax is generally more acceptable when you are prepared for it. At McCulloch + Partners, we have years of experience in dealing with the IRD and understanding their requirements. We will work through with you, the best way of dealing with your tax obligations and how to meet them. - Download

The Right Structure
As you are probably aware a business may be operated under a number of different structures. You may operate as an individual (a sole trader), as a partnership (with one or more  individuals), by using a limited liability company or some other specialised entity (such as a co-operative or trading trust). Depending on the industry in which you wish to be involved or are involved, the size of your business, whether you are operating with other people and whether there are special tax or financial considerations, you will need to choose carefully the structure best suited for you. - Download