Accounting & Compliance

Acquisitions and Mergers

Whether you are looking to purchase or expand your business we are able to provide financial advice to work through the practicalities.

As the buyer you will need to carry out thorough due diligence of all aspects of the business and McCulloch + Partners can work with you to ask the right questions for example:

  • Is the price being asked fair value?
  • Is the business efficient and working at capacity?
  • What are the business's profit and profitability drivers?
  • The risks of the business?

And McCulloch + Partners can also help you with:

  • Budgets, cashflows and future forecasting
  • Preparing a Business Plan
  • Due diligence
  • Advice on financing

With the information and knowledge provided by McCulloch + Partners, make an informed decision on the business purchase or merger.


Do you know where your business sits in your industry; are you in the bottom or top 10%?

McCulloch + Partners will provide benchmarking information that will enable you to:

  • Compare your business to businesses in your industry
  • Analyse the key performance indicators
  • Understand your industry in greater depth

Therefore with increased knowledge of your business McCulloch + Partners can work with you to develop strategies to increase your profit and ensure that your future goals are possible.


The nuts and bolts of managing a business can be overwhelming but are fundamental to success. Whether it's starting a business, managing staff requirements or reducing some of the time spent on compliance, let us take care of your regular accounting activities, saving you previous time and stress.

We can help with GST or FBT returns, accounts payable or receivable and much more.


Cash is King; at McCulloch + Partners we can prepare a budget that plans your business cash or working capital resource requirements which are the key to success.

We'll complete the reporting requirements you need: actual vs budget periodic, industry-specific, special purpose and different scenarios.

Cashflow Forecasting

McCulloch + Partners can prepare cash flow forecasting reports that will enable you to:

  • Understand what cash is available
  • Detect potential problem areas
  • Analyse and anticipate expenses and income
  • Plan for tax payments
  • Understand finance requirements

Therefore with information, that allows for informed decisions McCulloch + Partners are able to develop action plans with you to increase the profit of your business.


No matter whether you need finance for a new business or an existing one; McCulloch + Partners can help. We are able to:

  • Give advice on financing options
  • Prepare a finance proposal
  • Liaise with financial institutions


Are the complications of paying your staff getting too much? Our team of payroll specialists have the tools and the expertise that'll make payroll a breeze.

McCulloch + Partners offer a tailored package to suit your needs that can include:

  • Independent health checks and audits
  • Software and support
  • Wage reconciliations
  • PAYE Returns
  • Holiday Pay for casual or salaried staff
  • Employee deductions including Kiwisaver, student loan

Software Solutions

The right software for your business can increase productivity through less time and stress spent on data entry therefore freeing up your time to work in your business on what you enjoy.

McCulloch + Partners can help you assess the right software for your business allowing for your industry or operational requirements and the users that will have varying degrees of capability. We also offer training and support for you and your staff.

Software products available are XERO, Figured, MYOB, Reckon and Cash Manager Rural.


New Zealand's tax laws are complex and constantly changing; McCulloch + Partners are here to help you manage your tax obligations without hassle and stress.

We can offer advice and assistance on the following taxation matters:

  • Understanding your taxation requirements
  • GST/ FBT/ PAYE obligations
  • Managing claimable expenses and deductions
  • Forecasting provisional tax payments
  • Managing any issues with the IRD that may arise due to late filing, disputes or audits


McCulloch + Partners with their knowledge and experience can offer advice on trust formation and also ensure that all the statutory requirements are met. We can assist with:

  • Preparing the statutory documentation on an annual basis
  • Advice on the trustees obligations
  • Asset and income distribution

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