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Business Advisory

Business Start-up

It's exciting when you've got a great idea for a new business. As you work through the practicalities of setting up a new business McCulloch + Partners can help you:

  • Decide on the most appropriate structure for your business
  • Prepare a Business Plan
  • Prepare budgets, cost analysis and future forecasting
  • Set up your IRD/ACC requirement
  • With information on finance options
  • Business mentoring

Business Structure Planning

Structuring your business appropriately to get the best possible results is important, you need to know and understand your statutory obligations and personal liabilities and responsibilities. McCulloch + Partners can help you work through some of the complicated issues which can include:

  • Identifying the most appropriate trading structure
  • How to protect your business and personal assets
  • Whether a company, trust or 'Look Through Company'(LTC) is appropriate
  • How legislation might impact your chosen business structure

Governance Services

Great governance leads to great outcomes. McCulloch + Partners can discuss and advise you on the options and the decisions that can be made, that can shape your governance team and therefore your business.

Independent Advisory

If you are involved as a shareholder in a company and /or family business sometimes independent advice is needed. McCulloch + Partners can provide sound financial advice which will answer those questions that you have and if needed provide solutions.

Risk Advisory

McCulloch + Partners can help you complete a SWOT analysis therefore evaluating the strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats to your business in this fast paced environment where technology is disrupting business as we know it. We are not afraid to ask the tough questions that are the cornerstone of advisory and therefore deliver an analysis which provides maximum benefit to your business.

Selling a Business

At McCulloch + Partners we can help you put plans in place for the successful sale of your business. As a seller you will need to minimise the risks that you have when a potential buyer has access to your business information while maximising the selling price.

McCulloch + Partners can help you through the process with:

  • A Business Valuation
  • Advice on timeframe for the sale
  • Advice on grooming the business for sale
  • Guidance on setting a sale price

Working together we can put a plan in place to maximise the sale price for your business.

Succession Planning

If you are struggling with succession planning McCulloch + Partners can help. Our team knows the critical issues and concerns to address. These include maximising value, developing a retirement strategy, identifying who would buy your business and family considerations.

McCulloch + Partners will help you work through theses issues to achieve positive solutions.


At McCulloch + Partners we can undertake a valuation of your business so that you can understand how this affects your future business plans and lifestyle choices.

With the business valuation completed we will discuss with you the current state of your business, ways that you could improve the valuation and also the effect the valuation has on your exit/succession plan.

Virtual CFO

A Virtual CFO (Chief Financial Officer) provides business advice that encompasses all the financial and operational functions of your business; the Virtual CFO is an extension of your team, working with you to set the strategic direction of the business while considering all financial aspects.

McCulloch + Partners offer a tailored package to suit your needs,that could include:

  • Overseeing your business's financial planning
  • Providing relevant and thorough analysis and insights
  • Maintaining and reporting on the financial activities of your business
  • Liaising with board members, investors and stakeholders
  • Managing the financial risks for your business
  • Helping grow the financial processes as the business grows
  • Managing your business's financial team
  • International Financial Reporting Standards


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