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Industry Solutions


The retail and commercial environment today is setting new challenges for this sector, as technology has shaped a customer with different needs and wants which means businesses are evaluating their service offering.

McCulloch + Partners can support your business by future forecasting, budgeting, business planning, software programmes that will save time and if you are planning to sell or purchase a business a Business Evaluation.


The construction industry and its support businesses are important to southern New Zealand as there is now a need for more commercial and residential builds due to population and business growth.

McCulloch + Partners can work in partnership with you on budgeting and cashflow management, job costing, profit margin and assessing the right software that enables less time and stress spent on administration tasks.

Farming and Rural

A farming and rural-based business is challenging and complex to manage with the added complexities of the weather and unpredictable commodity markets.

McCulloch + Partners can provide advice and work in partnership with you on farm sales and purchases, ownership structures, budgeting and cashflow management, taxation, preparing accurate financial statements, benchmarking and succession planning.


Like many rural-based businesses, fishing is a challenging industry with a host of fluctuating factors to balance and manage.

McCulloch+ Partners can help your fishing business chart a successful course. We are able to assist with quota management compliance, catch reporting, taxation planning, cashflow management and maintaining an accurate payroll system.

Processing, Manufacturing and Transportation

The processing, manufacturing and transportation industries have many moving parts that make these businesses challenging and complex to manage.

McCulloch + Partners can help with the many aspects of your business including a tailored payroll package, taxation consulting, business planning, preparing accurate financial statements and also ensuring that your Enterprise Resource Planning and Financial Systems are working together to achieve maximum financial benefit to your business.

Tourism and Hospitality

The tourism and hospitality industries are continuing to grow in Central Otago and Southland and the businesses in this sector have their unique challenges.

McCulloch + Partners work with clients throughout the sector from smaller owner operators to some of New Zealand's largest tourism businesses. We support these businesses in many ways this can include removing the stress from managing seasonal and casual staff by providing industry-specific software and payroll administration and offering advice on establishing robust security systems that secure cash handling and stock.

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