Training & Coaching

Business Planning

Remember what you wanted to achieve when you started the business, what do you want to achieve now?

A tailored one on one workshop that will help you decide the future direction of you and your business as you revisit your business's strategic objectives. Learn to set realistic and measurable goals including identifying the strategies, action plans and resources that you need to make your goals a reality.

Exit and Succession Planning

How are you going to successfully exit the business to provide you and your family with business and lifestyle choices?

This tailored one on one workshop will help you identify what the steps are and how to prepare for the day that you want to leave the business and/or transfer the business from one owner to another. This would include identifying the key people to be involved and the financial aspects that need to be considered while understanding ownership structures, taxation, ratios, business valuation and benchmarking.

Business Software

A practical tailored session to understand your business software so that you can use it to its full potential therefore allowing you to spend more time growing your business. Have the confidence that you are capturing the right information for your key financials and debtor/creditor management.

Contact McCulloch + Partners for training sessions on XERO, MYOB or Cash Manager.

Understand Budgets and Cashflows

Increase your knowledge and skills by attending a workshop with McCulloch + Partners so that you are able to develop a cashflow and budget to help you meet your financial targets. Understand the benefits of reviewing your budget and cashflow, making them a living document and therefore effectively benchmark your business.

Understanding your Business Value

McCulloch + Partners will work with you so you understand how your business could be valued and the way that affects your future business plans and lifestyle choices. Therefore learn the principles of valuation, how to improve your business valuation and the effect the valuation has on your exit/succession plan.

Understand End of Year Business Accounts

Let McCulloch + Partners help you understand, how the decisions you make are going to affect you financially and therefore the Profit and Loss Account and Balance Sheet. Be able to read and understand your financial accounts and also use the ratios that matter, to obtain value from your accounts to grow your business.

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