Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Our global community is facing a truly unprecedented situation. The coronavirus pandemic is affecting our families, businesses, communities, and way of life. Together we have stopped the spread of COVID-19, by following government and health guidelines. 

At Level 2; McCulloch + Partners are back in our offices and we are now able to conduct face to face meetings but if you would prefer to catch up on the phone or have a meeting through our video software, that's always available too.

McCulloch + Partners has prepared a useful guide, to assist with post Covid-19 business planning; it also provides a summary of the government initiatives that are available. Please note that this information is current as at the 16 June 2020. McCulloch's Guide

Also, we encourage you to familiarise yourself with the resources available on the dedicated COVID-19 website

Please do not hesitate to contact us by phone and email if you have any concerns during this time; our phone number and email addresses are available on our Contact Us page.

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