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Hamish Brimble

Hamish Brimble


With insight into the investment landscape, valuation trends, and the various challenges in raising external capital, Hamish brings a wide range of skills to the table and a holistic understanding of the challenges businesses face. 

With 10+ years experience in corporate finance, his expertise covers a wide range of areas, including securing external funding, identifying operational risks, developing long-term strategies, and board reporting styles that ensure appropriate engagement. He has worked with numerous businesses of varying complexity. Hamish is committed to maintaining open dialogue and honest conversations providing value to his clients.

Hamish obtained his Chartered Accountancy qualification while working at Polson Higgs in Dunedin. He moved in to corporate finance with Armillary Private Capital, an advisory and investment banking firm, where he obtained his Chartered Alternative Investment qualification. He then moved to Wanaka, where he became the Aeronautical and Corporate Analyst at Queenstown Airport, overseeing their aeronautical pricing model and long-term financial models.. Hamish subsequently joined Liger Management Group as the Investments and Business Development Manager, where he led the development of their private equity portfolio. 

Outside of work, Hamish enjoys participating in outdoor activities such as mountain biking, climbing, hiking, and swimming. He is currently training a boisterous puppy named Thor that takes up much of his free time and volunteers for various sporting events when he is not competing. If that doesn’t keep him busy enough, he is currently involved in the Mainland Angels investment screening committee as well.


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